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Featured Recipes


Braised Pork and

Daikon is wonderful vegetable to cook with fatty fish or meat, as it absorbs flavor well. … More


Fried Soy Beans

This fried soy beans recipe is simple but addictive. The beans, individually coated with … More


Mochi Ice Cream

Have you eaten mochi ice cream? Ice cream wrapped with soft and slightly elastic … More

Featured Japanese Kitchen Gadgets


Shamoji (Rice

A shamoji is a Japanese rice paddle, rice scoop, or rice spatula. It's a standard tool to … More


Suribachi and

Suribachi and surikogi are Japanese version of mortar and pestle with ridges. They are one … More


Takoyaki Pan

Takoyaki pan is a griddle with half-spherical molds to make takoyaki balls. The pans can … More

Featured Japanese Groceries



Aburaage is one of the soy products. It is thinly sliced and deep fried tofu in short (You … More


Jako (Shirasu)

Jako is boiled and dried baby sardines. Baby sardines are widely eaten in Japan, and … More


Kuromame Beans and

Kuromame beans are one of the important osechi ryori items. Just like many other beans' … More

Featured Blog Entries


Kagami Mochi

Japanese households display a decorated offering called kagami mochi from the end of year … More


Garlic Infused Soy

Garlic infused soy sauce, ninniku-shoyu in Japanese, is super seasoning. As a matter of … More


Where to Get Fish

Are the fish for sushi different from other fish on the market? The answer is yes and no. … More