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Featured Recipes


Chicken Umeboshi

Chicken umeboshi pasta is so easy and quick to prepare, but amazingly delicious. I prefer … More


Wings Yakitori

Many chicken parts can be made to yakitori. Some are flavored with sweet soy sauce, others … More


Stewed Miso Udon

Oh I love stewed miso udon noodle soup in cold winter day. As the noodles cooked, they … More

Featured Japanese Kitchen Gadgets


Portable Gas Stove

A portable gas stove comes in handy when eating nabemono, such as hot pot or sukiyaki. … More


Wood Spoons

The Japanese eat food predominantly with chopsticks. Japanese restaurants in the U.S. … More


Rice Cooker

I strongly recommend you to invest in a good rice cooker, if you eat cooked rice … More

Featured Japanese Groceries


How to Make Ramen

I saw a wonderful method that magically transforms spaghetti to ramen noodles in Japanese … More


Popular Secret

Many Japanese have one or two secret ingredients to add while making curry rice. You can … More



Burdocks are called gobo in Japanese. It is a root vegetable widely eaten in Eastern Asian … More

Featured Blog Entries


Kagami Mochi

Japanese households display a decorated offering called kagami mochi from the end of year … More


Garlic Infused Soy

Garlic infused soy sauce, ninniku-shoyu in Japanese, is super seasoning. As a matter of … More


Where to Get Fish

Are the fish for sushi different from other fish on the market? The answer is yes and no. … More