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Featured Recipes


Sauteed Arugula with

Early summer when arugula is abundant, quick sauteed arugula with soy sauce can make easy … More


How to Make Umeboshi

Umeboshi is salted and dried fruit of Prunus mume, which is a family of apricots, even … More


Japanese Salad with

This is a variation of Warm Japanese Salad with Katsuobushi and Soy Sauce. Salad can be … More

Featured Japanese Kitchen Gadgets



An otoshibuta is used only for Japanese cooking according to wiki. It is a flat lid … More


Rice Cooker

I strongly recommend you to invest in a good rice cooker, if you eat cooked rice … More


Mandoline Slicer

Mandoline slicers became one of the standard cooking gadgets in American kitchens. I saw … More

Featured Japanese Groceries


Katsuobushi (Dried

Katsuobushi or katsubushi is a rock hard dried bonito flesh. When I was a child, my … More


White Turnip (Kabu)

White turnips are still not common in the United States, but I increasingly see them at … More


Shichimi Pepper

Shichimi pepper can be translated as seven flavored pepper. It's a combination of seven … More

Featured Blog Entries


Kinzanji Miso 2nd

Kinzanji miso is side dish miso. It's not for miso soup, even though it can be used for … More


Miso Development

We can buy miso easily at Japanese grocery stores or health food stores. But I heard that … More


Kinzanji Miso

Regular miso we usually use for miso soup are made from soy and/or grains. The condiment … More