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Featured Recipes


Onion and Canned

When you want to have one more side dish, this onion and canned fish is a quick fix. You … More


Salt Cabbage

Japanese eat cabbage a lot. Slice it super thin and serve on the side of breaded fries, … More


Kakiage Don Recipe

Kakiage don is a don meal, which means something on top of rice in a bowl. A don meal is … More

Featured Japanese Kitchen Gadgets


Portable Gas Stove

A portable gas stove comes in handy when eating nabemono, such as hot pot or sukiyaki. … More


Saibashi (Cooking

Saibashi is a pair of cooking chopsticks. They are made of bamboos, and much longer than … More


Syphoned Coffee

Coffee in Japan tastes really good. It’s not my national prejudice, because I heard the … More

Featured Japanese Groceries


Soy Sauce

When you buy a bottle of soy sauce for Japanese food, make sure to buy Japanese soy sauce. … More


How to Fillet

I don’t know how many people are willing to fillet mackerels in the United States, when … More


Fresh Shiitake

Shiitake mushrooms can be harvested in spring, fall, and winter. Particularly spring … More

Featured Blog Entries


Kinzanji Miso 2nd

Kinzanji miso is side dish miso. It's not for miso soup, even though it can be used for … More


Miso Development

We can buy miso easily at Japanese grocery stores or health food stores. But I heard that … More


Kinzanji Miso

Regular miso we usually use for miso soup are made from soy and/or grains. The condiment … More