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Featured Recipes


Kakiage Don Recipe

Kakiage don is a don meal, which means something on top of rice in a bowl. A don meal is … More


Yakiudon (Fried

Yakiudon is udon noodle version of yakisoba. I think it's one of the examples of Japanese … More


Kinpira Daikon

Daikon skin tend to be peeled generously, when you make furofuki daikon, stewed daikon, or … More

Featured Japanese Kitchen Gadgets


Shamoji (Rice

A shamoji is a Japanese rice paddle, rice scoop, or rice spatula. It's a standard tool to … More


Wood Spoons

The Japanese eat food predominantly with chopsticks. Japanese restaurants in the U.S. … More


Fish Grill

Grilling is one of the essential way of cooking simple Japanese food. It doesn't require … More

Featured Japanese Groceries


Jako (Shirasu)

Jako is boiled and dried baby sardines. Baby sardines are widely eaten in Japan, and … More


Kuromame Beans and

Kuromame beans are one of the important osechi ryori items. Just like many other beans' … More


Shichimi Pepper

Shichimi pepper can be translated as seven flavored pepper. It's a combination of seven … More

Featured Blog Entries


Miso Development

We can buy miso easily at Japanese grocery stores or health food stores. But I heard that … More


Kinzanji Miso

Regular miso we usually use for miso soup are made from soy and/or grains. The condiment … More


Grow Shiso

I was fortunate enough to be able to work on a plot in a community garden last year. On … More