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Featured Recipes


Tsukudani of Hot

When I was a child, my grandma used to buy bunches of hot pepper plants with roots still … More


Sauteed Arugula with

Early summer when arugula is abundant, quick sauteed arugula with soy sauce can make easy … More


How to Make Umeboshi

Umeboshi is salted and dried fruit of Prunus mume, which is a family of apricots, even … More

Featured Japanese Kitchen Gadgets


Syphoned Coffee

Coffee in Japan tastes really good. It’s not my national prejudice, because I heard the … More


Suribachi and

Suribachi and surikogi are Japanese version of mortar and pestle with ridges. They are one … More


Saibashi (Cooking

Saibashi is a pair of cooking chopsticks. They are made of bamboos, and much longer than … More

Featured Japanese Groceries


Buckwheat Flour

Soba noodles (buckwheat noodles) are common grocery items in Japan, but buckwheat flour … More



Aburaage is one of the soy products. It is thinly sliced and deep fried tofu in short (You … More


Shishito Peppers

Shishito peppers look like green chili peppers, but they are not hot. I am so happy to … More

Featured Blog Entries


Kinzanji Miso 2nd

Kinzanji miso is side dish miso. It's not for miso soup, even though it can be used for … More


Miso Development

We can buy miso easily at Japanese grocery stores or health food stores. But I heard that … More


Kinzanji Miso

Regular miso we usually use for miso soup are made from soy and/or grains. The condiment … More