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Featured Recipes


Soy Sauce Flavored

I learned from Japanese SNS that cheese soaked in soy sauce mixture is pretty good. … More


Nukadoko (Pickling

Nukadoko or nukamiso is Japanese fermented picking bed made from rice bran. Pickles made … More


Fried Konnyaku

When I visited Japan, I heard that konnyaku can be used as meat substitute on a TV cooking … More

Featured Japanese Kitchen Gadgets


Suribachi and

Suribachi and surikogi are Japanese version of mortar and pestle with ridges. They are one … More


Shamoji (Rice

A shamoji is a Japanese rice paddle, rice scoop, or rice spatula. It's a standard tool to … More


Fish Grill

Grilling is one of the essential way of cooking simple Japanese food. It doesn't require … More

Featured Japanese Groceries


Udon Noodles

Udon are thick noodles made from flour. They are sold as dried, frozen, or boiled and … More


Katsuobushi (Dried

Katsuobushi or katsubushi is a rock hard dried bonito flesh. When I was a child, my … More


How to Make Iced

Tea is a deeply fascinating subject. According to The Tea Association of The USA, tea is … More

Featured Blog Entries


Iga Mono (also known

In Japanese, Iga mono means either someone from Iga or something from Iga. When the words … More


Ayu (fish)

Ayu lives in streams in Japan, and it is considered to be a summer treat in mountain … More


Sharpening Knifes

I've been plagued with dull kitchen knifes. I bought a decent knife, which was wonderful … More