Hi, I am Yuki, the cook of Japanese Kitchen. I was born and brought up in Japan and nurtured on Japanese food. Now living in the United States, I have been asked on occasion, how to cook Japanese food here. I always try to explain, but it isn’t easy. The process, many ingredients and tools are different from Western style cooking.

Fortunately, an increasing number of Japanese cooking ingredients and kitchen tools are now available from neighborhood Japanese grocery stores or online stores. Chinese or Korean grocery stores also carry some Japanese items, but this makes things a little more complicated, because they also have similar items of their own as well. When I explain ingredients, I try to be as specific as possible and give some references.

I believe cooking nutritious food at home is extremely important for our mind and health. You don’t need to be a chef to cook Japanese food. With few key ingredients, equipments, and fundamental techniques you can make decent Japanese food. That’s many Japanese home cooks are doing.

The recipes I introduce represent a pretty standard style of Japanese home cooking. When I cook Japanese food, I just cook and check the taste often, just like any other home cook from anywhere in the world. I have to confess that I’ve never measured the amounts of the ingredients in a recipe before I starting this site. I do my best to figure out the right measurements for each recipe, but it would also be  helpful to get your feedback as you try any of the recipes from this site. So, please do contact me to let me know what you think about the recipes or anything else you find here.

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