Carbs on Carbs

Carbs on Carbs


Sandwiched yakisoba bun

The Japanese live on rice and they love carbohydrates. One of the surprising facts I learned in the United States was Americans prefer proteins over carbohydrates.

In general, the Japanese pay close attentions to food and make rational decisions as to what they eat, and how much they eat. But sometimes the love of carbohydrates creates strange food.

While at a Japanese bakery with my husband, we spotted a yakisoba pan, fried noodles sandwiched in a hotdog bun. He mentioned it’s a strange idea to sandwich carbohydrates in a bun. I understood his feelings, as you can see the picture below, it’s a junk food.

However, I think it’s strange that Americans eat bread with spaghetti. It’s also carbs on carbs, just like yakisoba pan.

I was telling the episode to a comic writer/artist, who also created the cartoon character for this site. She turned the story into a strip comic for her weekly Japanese community magazine section.

When I showed the comic my husband, he took it gracefully. And now I am sharing it with you. You should read it from right to left, as the Japanese language flows in this direction.


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