Carrot Greens

Carrot Greens

Beautiful carrots are sometimes sold at farmers markets or distributed from CSA. The greens are so fresh, but many people cut them off and throw them into a compost bin on the site. Did you know that they are edible, and even delicious? In Japan, people used to make furikake, a type of condiments to sprinkle over rice, from carrot greens. You can get the recipe from here.

Japanese people used to make furikake from carrot greens often, but it’s rare to see just harvested dirty carrots with beautiful greens on top, so the people rarely have a chance to make furikake from carrot greens. I learned this recipe from my friend.

Carrot greens are actually very nutritious with protein, minerals and vitamins. You can read more about the nutritional value of carrot green here. Some toxicity of carrot greens is mentioned, but I’ve never felt ill after eating carrot greens. But probably it’s a good idea to use organic carrot greens if you try eating the green tops.

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