Vegetable Distribution from CSA

Vegetable Distribution from CSA


Vegetable distribution from CSA is always exciting. I used to shop at the farmers’ market from time to time, but for some reason vegetables from CSA taste much better than the ones from a farmers’ market. I was not a vegetable hater to begin with, but I never knew that vegetables could be so delicious. The only problem with CSA is that I sometimes receive vegetables I’ve never tried.

In today’s share, shishito peppers are familiar Japanese vegetables but rather unknown to many Americans. I listed super easy delicious recipe for shishito peppers.

I can also use young soy beans (edamame), white turnips (kabu), and pole beans for Japanese food.

Soon after I pick up my share of vegetables, I separate the roots and greens of root vegetables, wash them and store them separately in ziploc bags. In this way I can save cooking time every day. Try to use the greens of root vegetables as soon as you can, because they are more perishable than the roots.

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