Cucumber Asazuke (Quick Pickle) Recipe


Cucumbers are abundant during summer. If you are a member of a CSA like me, you may occasionally get good amount of cucumbers. This is one of the ways to eat refreshing and crunchy cucumbers, which have properties to cool down your body.

I rarely see real Japanese cucumbers at Japanese grocery stores. They resemble Persian cucumbers, but longer. Kirby can be used for Japanese quick pickles this purpose. If you use waxy regular American cucumbers, remove the seeds and peel about 1/2 of the skin.

This type of tsukemono (quick pickles) can’t be kept long, as the vegetables gets too salty within a few days. Make a small amount each time you eat, as it doesn’t take long to prepare.


  • 2 Persian cucumbers
  • 1 tsp salt (depending on the size of cucumbers, adjust the amount)
  • Small piece of kombu


Wash 2 Persian cucumbers and cut in rangiri (see how to do in the video). Wipe a small piece of kombu with tightly squeezed wet paper towel, and cut it into thin strips with scissors.
Put all the ingredients in a ziploc bag, seal, and and squeeze to mix the contents well. Cucumber pieces start to release water immediately. Without taking out the cucumbers from the ziploc bag, put the whole thing in a small bowl, and place something heavy on top. Within 1~3 hours pickles are ready.

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