Curry Noodles


Curry rice is delicious. But once you make it, you will have it for days. You can refrigerate it, or even freeze it, but some people get bored of keep eating it in the same way day after day after day. Here is how to make curry noodles, using the curry leftover.

Soup base is mixture of leftover curry sauce and noodle soup base. As curry sauce itself is very thick, you will need to add water to dilute. There is no rule in the amount of curry sauce and water. When you add noodle soup base in diluted curry sauce, it’s going to be curry noodle soup base.

Ingredients (for 2 servings)


Combine leftover curry, noodle soup base, and water in a pot and boil. Adjust the amount of noodle soup base and water, depending on the strength of your noodle soup base. Sample the broth to check the flavor.

In a different pot, boil noodles. If you have dried noodles, you need to rinse them under running water after boiling.

If you have already boiled and vacuum packed noodles, you just need to add them in the curry broth and heat until noodles get hot.
If you have extra topping you can prepare and add them. I added snap peas and boiled quail eggs. Serve hot.

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