I use a small ceramic grater in the picture for any cooking when a recipe calls for “finely chopped garlic or ginger” or “garlic paste”. The ceramic grater also can be brought to the table and serve grated ginger.

The metal one at the top of the image is used to grate larger vegetables such as icicle radish (daikon) and carrots. The bottom grater is to grate potatoes coarsely in order to make hash browns or latkes.

When a large amount of vegetables needs to be grated, a food processor is probably more convenient. But for small amount of vegetables, grater works the best. They are cheap and simple, last forever, and easy to clean and store.

My kitchen is small without a dishwasher. I love to keep one simple small tool to perform multiple tasks, rather than having many different one purpose machines.

You may be able to find graters at kitchen appliance stores, Japanese food stores, and Asian stores, but here are some of the online links if you need;


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One Response to Grater

  1. Yukiyo November 6, 2012 at 3:56 pm #

    Hi Jimmy,

    Yes, it is not easy to explain different kitchen tools and different cooking methods. That’s the whole reason I started this site. It reminds me to use more visuals, such as pictures or videos to explain the things better.