Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty was a brand-new character for school age girls when I was in an elementary school in 70s. I of course adored it. But as I grew up, I gradually lost my interest to those childhood toys and characters.

But when I was in a college in 80s, I remember that one of my friends was carrying Hello Kitty’s bag and wearing fluffy rabbit earmuffs. In 80s, Hello Kitty products were still made for kids. I thought my friend was weird, but she was as a matter of fact, ahead of time. From around 90s I started to see the Hello Kitty items exclusively made for adults.

I now see Hello Kitty items even in the United States. The character is known as a synonym for “kawaii,” cute for Japanese. While there are so many other cute Japanese stuff, Hello Kitty seems to be enjoying a higher status than the others.

It is exciting to see that my childhood character gained worldwide popularity. One of the notable characteristics of Hello Kitty is it’s versatility. You not only see the cat on lunch boxes, bags, and t-shirts, but also as jewelries, vacuum cleaners (on the left), and sewing machines. It’s amazing that you can find tons of Hello Kitty items from Amazon.


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