How to Make MSG Free Noodle Soup Base

No more noodle soup base with MSG!

I received a request to provide a recipe of noodle soup base, because store bought ones contain MSG and other additives. Fortunately, it’s easy to make and tastes really good.

From this recipe you will make about 5 cups of concentrated noodle soup base.

Other than making noodle soup, this soup base can be base of many other Japanese cookings. The following chart is diluting guide. Also by adding some sugar to this base, you can make sauce for sukiyaki.

You can also make furikake from leftover katsuobushi and kombu after extracting dashi.

Diluting Guide

Noodle Soup BaseWater
For cold soba, somen and hiyamugi dipping sauce12
For tempura dipping sauce12
For noodle broth14
For vegetable stew14

Noodle Soup Base Ingredients


1Boil mirin in a medium pot over high heat.
2When mirin is boiled, turn the heat medium, and add soy sauce.
3When mirin and soy sauce mixture is boiled again, turn the heat to low, add kombu and katsuobushi, and heat for 3 minutes.
4After 3 minutes turn off the heat and wait another 3 minutes.
5Using a strainer separate kombu/katsuobushi and liquid.
6When the liquid cooled down, transfer it to the container to keep in a refrigerator.


  1. Lisanne says:

    Hi! I absolutely love your recipes, thank you so much for sharing!
    I was wondering though, for how long can you keep this?

    Lots of love from the Netherlands!

    • Hi Lisanne,

      Once ingredients are finely milled, the food will be more perishable, because there will be more surface area to be exposed to the air. If you keep it in your fridge in a tightly sealed container, it lasts about a month. But it also depends on the freshness of the ingredients, as well.

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