Top 6 Instant Noodles in Japan

Top 6 Instant Noodles in Japan


Ramen noodles, which are a Japanese interpretation of Chinese noodles, are very popular in Japan. Other than going out to eat at ramen noodle specialty shops, many Japanese eat instant noodles at home, too. Instant noodles are tend to be eaten as handy snack, rather than actual meal. Many of them are sold in the United States, but the following list is the most popular instant noodles by sales in late 2014.

1Miso flavor gives the body, and the aroma of miso is pretty appetizing. Miso flavored ramen noodles are originally developed at a noodle shop in Sapporo, center city of the Hokkaido, a northern island of Japan. Now miso flavored noodles are made all over Japan, but people still associate the flavor with Sapporo. And often topped with butter and corn kernels, because Hokkaido farmers are the main producers of butter and corns in Japan.
2In the United States, "Maruchan" ramen is one of the most popular instant noodles. But in Japan, this is the most popular instant noodles sold by the Maruchan brand. This is relatively new product, as it came into the market in 2011. The difference of this product is in the noodles. Other instant noodles are fried before dried, but Seimen is just dried. Seimen is little pricier than the competitors', but people love the noodle.
3My parent always bought Sapporo Ichiban Shio flavor. Shio is salt in Japanese. As a child, it was bland and boring flavor. But, that simpleness is loved by many people. Salt flavored ramen noodles are somewhat exclusive to instant noodles. When you go to ramen shops, you wouldn't see salt flavored noodles.
4I don't see Myojo Charumera Soy Sauce Flavor in the United States, but this is one of the most standard instant noodles in Japan. Simple soy sauce flavor is not
5Nissin Raoh series was originally sold as vacuum packed fresh ramen noodles. In 2010, Nissin changed the noodles from vacuum packed noodles to non-fried dried noodles. They weren't hugely popular. Since then, the line of products were improved in 2014. The noodles are similar to Maruchan Seimen (ranked #2). Both of them are more expensive than other standard instant noodles, but many Japanese think they are worth to buy.
6In the late 50s, the first instant noodles, Nissin Chicken Ramen was made. It is surprising that Chicken Ramen is still one of the very popular instant noodles after more than a half century. Since then many other instant noodles were developed and sold. But as long as seeing the popularity, Japanese people like the basic standard instant noodles, rather than more expensive premium ones.

What are your favorite Japanese instant noodles?

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