Katsuo Ume Recipe


hiyayakkoKatsuo ume is umeboshi paste mixed with katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes). When umeboshi is mixed with katsuobushi, the saltiness and sourness of umeboshi gets milder. If you happened to purchase too salty umeboshi, you can amend the flavor by mixing it with katsuobushi.

You can buy already mixed katsuo ume on the market if you like, but this recipe utilizes by-product of dashi or homemade noodle soup base.

For instance, when you make noodle soup broth, good amount of soy sauce and mirin soaked katsuobushi is left behind. There is no reason to waste perfectly edible by-product. Finely chopped kombu after dashi is extracted also can be used.

Katsuo ume can be eaten simply with rice, just like the photo at the top. It is also used inside of onigiri or norimaki sushi roll.

You can make quick tasty morsels, which go well with sake by topping katsuo ume on cold tofu (the photo above left) or thin-skinned Persian cucumbers.

Katsuo ume can be kept in a refrigerator for months. It comes in handy when you keep it around.


  • Pitted umeboshi flesh (the amount depends on the saltiness of your umeboshi)
  • Katsuobushi (either fresh or after extracting dashi)


You need umeboshi and katsuobushi. Katsuobushi can be unused, or by-product of dashi or noodle soup base.

Put desired amount of katsuobushi in a food chopper/processor with pitted umeboshi flesh. You can also add finely chopped kombu after extracting dashi.

Run the chopper/food processor until ingredients are well incorporated. Sample the paste. You can add a small amount of soy sauce if you think it needs some more kick.

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