Kinzanji Miso

Kinzanji Miso


Regular miso we usually use for miso soup are made from soy and/or grains. The condiment is to be mixed with something to flavor food.

There are different kind of miso, called okazu (side dish) miso. They are either fermented vegetables with koji cultures, or mixture of miso and vegetables. Kinzanji miso is one of them.

Kinzanji miso is mixture of kinzanji koji (mixed koji of rice, barley, and soy beans) and chopped vegetables, such as eggplants, cucumbers, shiso, carrots, ginger roots, etc. I happened to love kinzanji miso so much, and wanted to make it on my own for a long time.

Using the koji, I mixed the ingredients of kinzanji miso 3 days ago, and have been keeping it in my closet to ferment since then. It could be ready from 1 week, but being impatient, I tried some today. Surprisingly, all grains of koji were already soft enough to eat.

I see amber colored clear liquid rising up to the top. It is soy sauce. Soy sauce was originally by-product of kinzanji miso.

I will let it ferment longer, and see how the flavor develops by time.


Kinzanji miso development of day 1 on the left, and day 3 on the right.

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