Lotus Roots

Lotus Roots


Lotus roots season is from fall to spring. It’s a common vegetable in Asian countries. When the root is cut, you will see many holes, usually eight or nine.

It changes color quickly when it’s cut and the internal flesh is exposed to the air. In order to prevent the oxidization, sliced or cut lotus root is soaked in vinegar water or water immediately. If you don’t use it immediately, wrap the root tightly to avoid exposure to the air, and store in a refrigerator. It will last a month or so.

Most often lotus root is stewed or deep fried in oil. The crunchy texture is not lost even after being cooked.

You can find lotus roots at Asian grocery stores.

How to Choose

  • Thick and heavy in hands (find the one with smaller halls)
  • Less bruises and blemishes as possible
  • Don’t buy if you see dirt or bluish color is inside of the holes
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