Portable Gas Stove

Portable Gas Stove


A portable gas stove comes in handy when eating nabemono, such as hot pot or sukiyaki. Nabemono is a communal food. Often at the center of a small but intimate party in winter, because one pot is shared by the people who sit at the table. When the food in the pot gets cold or after adding more ingredients, you can just turn on the stove if you have a portable gas stove on the table.

A portable gas stove is a pretty common item in Japan, and I didn’t expect to find it easily here. But it seems to be popular for outdoor use, such as for camping, picnics or tail gating, in the United States.

It is important to choose a gas type , and not an electric slab type, because hot pot can boil up and over flow quickly. If you turn off the gas, the source of the heat will be cut off immediately, but electric heater’s heat lingers for a while even after you turn it off.

You can find it at large size Japanese grocery store, Korean grocery stores, and camping goods supply stores. Online links are as follows;









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