Ribbed Wooden Otoshibuta / Impurity Remover

Otoshibuta is a Japanese housewives secret cooking weapon! When this lid is dropped right on top of food while stewing, it helps to circulate cooking liquid effectively in the pot and prevent starchy vegetables to lose shapes. This one also removes impurities, which rise up during stewing process in one swift motion.

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Product Description

For centuries, the Japanese have been using wooden otoshibuta for stewing vegetables. Otoshibuta is a drop lid, which placed right on top of food while cooking, so that soft starchy vegetable won’t move around during the process. It helps to circulate small amount of cooking liquid in the pot and prevent ingredients to fall apart.

wooden_otoshibuta-6This otoshibuta also has unique ribs, which acts as impurity remover. Just like one of the images, remove the lid in a scooping up motion, so that the impurities stick to the ribs and comes off from the cooking liquid at once. Impurities can be washed away easily with water. The weight of wood also gently pushes downwards while in use.

A wooden otoshibuta needs to be wet before each use to prevent color and odor stain. Generally, the care of a wooden otoshibuta is the same as a wooden spatula.

The wooden otoshibuta is not microwavable and not dishwasher safe.

Diameter: 8″
Height: 1-1/4″
Wood thickness: 7/8″

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Additional Information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 12 x 10 x 2 in


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