Ramune bottles I bought in the United States.

Ramune is Japanese soda drink in an old-fashioned Codd-neck bottle, which seems to be widely used in many parts of the world at the end of the 18th century.

Soon, the particular type of bottles became out of favor in many countries, because many bottles were destroyed by kids who wanted to get marbles trapped inside. Now, only Japan and India still use the bottles in the world.

When the soda is bought, the marble is set to tightly seal the mouth. By pushing the marble down using a special tool, the bottle can be open. You need a little knowledge and technique to drink from the bottle without obstructing the flow of soda by the marble, but it’s also a part of fun.


Drink ramune is fun!



For many Japanese, ramune is associated with fun festive memories of summer fairs. The flavor of the soda drink was rather ordinary, but the experience of drinking it from the bottle at a fair was so special.

Ramune came from the word lemonade, according to wiki.

It used to be only one plain flavor, which tasted like Sprite. But now I see many different flavors made by many different brands. And they are now sold at regular Japanese grocery stores all year round.

Even in the United States, I can find them at Chinese grocery stores pretty easily. I sometimes buy them for my son, as he also enjoys the experience of drinking it from the special bottle.


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