3 Minutes Beaten Cucumber Asian Salad

Instruction video is located under “HOW TO” tab below.

This is quick and easy cucumber side dish. It’s ready in 3 minutes and you don’t even need a knife. Just beat chilled cucumbers until they crack using a rolling pin or something similar and combine with soy sauce based dressing.

There are two points to make this salad successful; use well chilled cucumbers, and smash the cucumbers just enough to crack evenly to avoid losing crunch or being soggy. As long as those two points are cleared, the individual amount of dressing ingredients are pretty forgiving.

I used to make this using Japanese cucumbers, but they are hard to get in the United States. Persian cucumbers are good alternatives. You could use English cucumbers or kirby cucumbers, but regular cucumbers are not suitable, because their skin and seeds are tough.

This is easy and quick side dish during summer, while fresh cucumbers are abundant.

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