3 Nagaimo Pancakes

Nagaimo pancakes are so easy and delicious. Pan fried outside texture is crunchy, but inside is soft and velvety smooth. I made with 3 different ingredients.

Nagaimo is tuber, which belongs to yam family. I’ve never seen it at regular American grocery stores, but it is one of the staple food items at Asian grocery stores throughout the year. Check out your nearest Chinese grocery store to find out if it carries.

Nagaimo is a very unique root vegetable, as it can be eaten raw or cooked, and depending on how it’s cooked or cut, the texture can be different. To make the pancakes, nagaimo is grated first. You can find how to grate nagaimo instruction from the link.

I used nagaimo, which I grated and froze a couple of weeks ago, and thawed at room temperature. Basically, mix grated nagaimo with your favorite ingredients and a pinch of salt, and pan fry. It’s that simple. You can drop some soy sauce if you like before eating.

Choose ingredients, which don’t need to be cooked through. For instance, vegetables, aonori, mushrooms, cheese are good. But avoid using raw meet or uncooked bacon (cooked bacon or meat is good). Buckwheat flour can be mixed in, particularly when grated nagaimo is too soft or watery.

Because both nagaimo and buckwheat flour can be eaten raw, only outside needs to be browned.



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