Atsuyaki Tamago Recipe

Atsuyaki tamago is a Japanese style sweet omelette, and one of the typical Japanese side dish. The ingredients are just eggs, sugar and soy sauce. Egg sushi, which you might have seen at sushi restaurant, is basically using the sliced atsuyaki tamago beautifully made by a professional sushi chef.

As it is a simple dish made from only three ingredients, the skill of the cook will show. You may need right tools and some practices to make it right. I admit that I need more practices for better presentation as well.

In order to make this nicely rectangular shaped sweet omelette, you need a rectangular pan. My pan is non-stick, so that I can cook without using oil. But if your rectangular pan is not non-stick, don’t forget to coat the pan with thin layer of vegetable oil before using.

If you don’t have a rectangular pan, you can still make atsuyaki tamago using a regular round pan. It may look a little different, but it tastes as good as rectangular one.


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