Butajiru (Tonjiru) Recipe

Burajiru is sometimes called tonjiru. Both names mean pork soup, because this miso based hearty soup has bits of thinly sliced pork in it. Vegetarian version of the soup is called kenchin-jiru, which often uses tofu or fried tofu instead of pork.

The point of this recipe is to add miso twice, because miso loses it’s flavor and fragrance when it’s boiled over. The first addition of miso, right after removing the impurities, is for basic flavoring. The second addition of miso at the end is for adjusting the taste and supplement the flavor and aroma of miso.

Ingredients of butajiru must have thinly sliced pork and miso paste, but other ingredients vary depending on the locality and vegetable availability. This recipe is very forgiving. Try making your own miso based hearty soup.



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