Chicken and Tatsoi Zosui Recipe

Zosui, sometimes called ojiya is congee, a soupy rice dish. It’s a quick homey food when you have a day old cooked rice. Prior to microwaves came to households, zosui and ochazuke were the ways to eat cold rice. But people still make and eat zosui and ochazuke.

Cooking zosui using leftover soup of nabemono is the Japanese favorite way of finishing communal dinner. By adding cooked rice and some leftover veggies, great tasting zosui can be made easily at the table.

This time, I didn’t make nabemono, but I used carcass of a Costco’s roasted chicken. I used tatsoi, but you can use any kind of vegetables, such as spinach, turnip greens, kale, swiss charad, etc. If you can add bits of roasted chicken, it’s even better.



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