Chilled Ochazuke

Ochazuke means something soaked in tea in Japanese. Usually it’s made by pouring hot dashi broth or tea over rice. But in summer, cold version works as well. It’s just like regular hot ohazuke, but it’s cold.

In this photo above, I used canned salmon, umeboshi, and nori for topping and pour chilled iced green tea.

The only thing you need to do is to wash cooked rice under running water, using a fine meshed colander. This process will cool down the rice (if it’s hot) and remove excessive glutenous coating of rice grains.

Cold rice (after cooked) also should be washed. By washing, the rice is going to be separated one by one, and it prevents the tea or dashi to get cloudy when poured over rice. But this process can be omitted, if you feel lazy. It’s a casual and private quick meal, so that no one has to see it.

You can use any kind of topping you want. But usually salty food goes well. Here is a list of common ochazuke toppings.

Toppings Suggestions (can be combination of two or more items)


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