Chirashi-zushi Recipe

Chirashi-zushi can vary significantly, depending on what are topped on the seasoned rice bed (how to make sushi vinegar). The easiest way to make chirashi-zushi is to buy chirashi-zushi mix, such as “Sushi Taro”. Because you just need to mix a package to cooked rice, you can’t fail.

You can also make on your own using your favorite ingredients. Traditional homemade chirashi-zushi includes only stewed vegetables, such as lotus roots, carrots, gourds, bamboo shoot’s shiitake mushrooms, etc. That is chirashi-zushi my grandma used to make, and also the base of commercially available chirashi-zushi mix.

But traditional homemade style chirashi-zushi is rather humble, and hardly appeal to people who used to eat gourmet food. So that many people top chirashi-zushi with luxury items, such as raw fish and fish roes.

As long as variety of ingredients are laid on top of seasoned rice, it can be called chirashi-zushi. So that you can choose ingredients freely. Among the ingredients how to make kinshi eggs and thinly cut nori can be found from the links.


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