Corn Cream Korokke Recipe

This is a child pleasing menu. Corn kernels mixed with white sauce is breaded with panko and deep fried. But you don’t have to be a kid to love this. It is enjoyable to feel the contrast of crunchy outside and creamy sweet inside when you bite.

In order to create the good crunch, you really need panko. Regular bread crumbs don’t really do the job in this menu. Many grocery stores carry panko due to popular demands, but if you can’t find locally, go online.

The white sauce, which is to be covered with panko, is sometimes too soft to form a desirable shape. If it happens, put the mixture in a freezer for few hours, but not until it freezes. Just like certain types of cookie dough, the mixture will be more solid when it’s cooled down, and becomes easier to handle. Ideally, they form small barrel shapes (about 2″ in length), but oval shape, flat shape or any kind of shape would be good.

It's crunchy outside, and creamy inside.

It’s crunchy outside, and creamy inside.

You can also use crab meat instead of corn kernels. Typical side dish for this corn cream korokke is simply sliced cabbage, but I used baby lettuces from my garden, today.

Just like other Japanese breaded fries, pour tonkatsu sosu over them just before eating.


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