Curry Nanban Soba Noodles

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You might not believe it, but this is a one pot recipe. It’s really delicious and easier than you might think. This thick and spicy curry flavored soup warms you up in winter.

Curry nanban noodles calls for naga negi, which is a vegetable falls in between scallions and leeks. It can be stewed in sukiyaki, or chopped finely to use as garnish. Unfortunately, it is one of the hard to get vegetables in the United States, so that we use leeks for substitution.

I used Curry powder in this recipe, instead of curry sauce mix. You can use any kind of curry powder, but you need to adjust the amount to your taste, so that the spice will not overwhelm you.

You can make your own concentrated noodle soup from my recipe, or you can buy concentrated noodle soup base from Japanese or Asian food stores. In either case, the majority of Japanese noodle soup base is concentrated, so just follow the directions on the package to determine how much it should be diluted for noodle soup.


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