Dango Balls Recipe (Mochi Balls on a Stick)

Many Asian countries have traditions of celebrating moon in autumn. The Japanese make dango balls, white round balls made of rice flour, on August 15, September 13, and October 10 of the moon calendar.

Those unflavored rice flour balls are sometimes skewed on a stick and offered with sweet bean paste or thick sweet soy sauce. They are kushi-dango, or mitarashi-dango.

In Japan, joshinko (very fine rice flour) or shiratamako (sweet rice flour) is used, but this recipe uses Mochiko rice flour, which is easier to get in the United States.

I also found that a brand called Bob’s Red Mill sells Sweet White Rice Flour for baking purpose. It should work in the same way. Bob’s Mills products may be easier to find at health food stores.


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