Datemaki Recipe

Datemaki is a sort of sweet omelet rolled into a log shape. It’s one of the New Year’s celebration food. Refrigerated datemaki logs are sold at grocery stores right next to kamaboko in Japan. I love its fluffiness and sweetness.

Traditional datemaki is made from eggs with fish paste and yamatoimo, which is close relative of nagaimo. But yamatoimo is much thicker than nagaimo when ground. And it is very difficult to get in the U.S. I tried making datemaki using nagaimo, but it didn’t work. Datemaki really needs yamatoimo.

If you can get hanpen, which is white fluffy square shaped food made from fish paste and yamatoiomo, you can mash it and mix with eggs, sugar and soy sauce. But hanpen is also hard to find and pretty expensive even if you can find it.

I learned that there is a third way to make datemaki. Mix eggs with tofu. Tofu is now a part of American diet, and I can get it easily at nearby grocery stores. Surprisingly, the taste is pretty close to regular datemaki.


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