Dried Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Dried sweet potatoes are wonderful tasty snack; no cholesterol, high in fiber, vitamin B1, C, and potassium. When I was a child, my grandmother sometimes bought them in winter. They are more like half dried, sweet and chewy. Great with green tea. I didn’t know how they are made, but I loved them.

I haven’t seen them for a while and I totally forgot about them. But recently I saw my friend’s posting on SNS, that they can be made easily at home. When I remembered the texture and sweetness, I just had to make and eat them again.

I love Japanese pale yellow sweet potatoes. They are denser and sweeter than orange colored American sweet potatoes. Due to it’s sweetness, they are often steamed or baked and eaten as snack by themselves. Purple sweet potatoes, which are eaten in Southern Asian countries, are even sweeter than Japanese sweet potatoes.

I used an oven to dry the sliced potatoes quicker this time, but they can be simply dried over the heaters, or even outside, if you have enough space to do so.

I first tried using orange colored sweet potatoes (yam), which are readily available in the United States. But it didn’t turn out well, may be because they contain too much water compared to Japanese sweet potatoes or purple yams. You can buy Japanese sweet potatoes and/or purple yam at Chinese and Korean grocery stores.



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Submitted on 2015/04/18 at 9:46 pm

My mother is Japanese and she remembers these fondly. She doesn’t know how to make them, but she did say that after they were dried, they were put into a cloth bag and placed in the attic for awhile. The sugar would move out to the surface and turn the sweet potato white, just like a dried persimmon.

Thanks for the recipe!

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