Eggplant Dengaku

Dengaku is a side dish. Originally sweet miso paste was smeared on top of skewed and cooked root vegetables or tofu. But sometimes skewers are abbreviated at home. Eggplant dengaku is miso paste on top of eggplant, and tofu dengaku is the same paste is on top of tofu.

Saikyo miso or haccho miso is typically used to make dengaku miso, due to its low salt content, but those miso are expensive and difficult to get in the United States. Here I used regular miso paste and added egg yolk to take off the saltiness.

As to an eggplant, a Japanese eggplant is somewhat different from the eggplant sold as a “Japanese eggplant” in the United States. Any kind of eggplants can be used, but I used a regular American eggplant, because it’s easy to get.



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