Fried Konnyaku

When I visited Japan, I heard that konnyaku can be used as meat substitute. By freezing and defrosting, konnyaku changes its texture and flavor.

But if you expect some magical transformation of konnyaku, you will be disappointed. I tried it, and I honestly didn’t think defrost and cooked konnyaku tastes like meat at all.

But it is true that by freezing konnyaku, the texture changes, so that even if you don’t like its jello-like texture, you might be able to like it after its cooked in this way. I thought it was good, if you don’t expect meat substitute tastes like real meat.

You can basically cook it with any vegetables you have at hand. I used tofu and scallions. Zucchini, carrots, daikon, white turnips, broccoli, onions, kale, or almost any kind of vegetables would work.

Any vegetable oil can be used for this recipe, but sesame oil particularly goes well with this recipe as it gives satisfying rich flavor and aroma when you cook without meat.

Konnyaku can be found at refrigerated section of Japanese grocery stores.



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