Fried Soy Beans Recipe

This fried soy beans recipe is simple but addictive. The beans, individually coated with corn starch or arrow root flour, are deep fried in relatively low temperature and then flavored with sweet and sour soy sauce. They are originally one of Japanese school lunch menus, but adults can enjoy them with beer. It’s also great to add in salad.

For this recipe, it’s easier to use already cooked canned soy beans, which can be found at health food stores. I used black soy beans here, but yellow soy beans will result in the same way.

If you want to use dried soy beans, soak them overnight, and boil until they get soft.



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Submitted on 2015/03/03 at 12:24 am

Can I use katakuriko instead of the corn starch or arrowroot?


Submitted on 2015/03/03 at 9:31 am | In reply to annie

Hi Annie,
Of course, you can use. In Japan, katakuriko is used for this recipe, but I didn’t list it in the recipe, because it’s difficult to get in the U.S. In most of the recipes, katakuriko, corn starch, and arrowroot flour can be used interchangeably. Good luck.


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