Frozen Clementines

My childhood family trip memory is associated with frozen Japanese oranges, which my parents often bought for us at a vending booth. They were cold, sweet, and very refreshing.

The frozen Japanese oranges were a curious invention of a fish processing company and the Japanese National Railways in 1950s. When I was a child, they were pretty popular treat. But as people get to eat more ice cream and other rich flavored dessert, they were gradually forgotten.

Japanese oranges are small and similar to clementines. Very sweet, and easy to peel. For this recipe, you can use clementines or tangerines to freeze. It’s perfect if you can find Japanese varieties called satsuma or unshu. The sweeter the better, as the sweetness seems to be reduced when an orange is frozen.

When I made some at home, my son, who usually don’t eat fruit went crazy. Probably they taste like sorbet or fruit popsicle. But this is much healthier alternative.

You may not use regular oranges, as they will be hard to peel after frozen.

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