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Crunchy fukujinzuke and Japanese curry rice is the perfect combination made in heaven. Fukujinzuke is a Japanese version of chutney, so to speak. Its name includes the word “zuke,” which means pickles in Japanese, but this is not actually a pickled food. It’s basically lightly cooked vegetables soaked in soy sauce based sweet liquid.

Curry rice tastes even better with fukujinzuke.

Curry rice tastes even better with fukujinzuke.

Ingredients are supposed to be seven different items, but some Japanese vegetables are hard to get in the United States. So that I recommend to use whatever you can get from the following list. The more you can get, the better. It still can be made from one or two ingredients.

Also, soy sauce based cooking liquid is very simple. The basic combination is sugar:1, soy sauce:1, mirin:1, sake:1, and rice vinegar:1/2. Adjust the amount according to the amount of vegetables you use. If you end up with extra cooking liquid. Stew tofu with it. It’s amazingly delicious.

It tend to yields a lot, even if you try to make as little as possible. Fortunately, it seems to keep in a refrigerator for about 2~3 weeks. For longer storage freeze the vegetable with cooking liquid. It should last for months. Thaw at room temperature whenever you eat curry rice.

This recipe is based on one of the cookpad (Japanese language) recipes.


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