Grilled Meatballs with Quail Eggs

A takoyaki pan is not only for takoyaki. If you pour pancake batter, you can make pancake puffs. But you can also make other spherical food. For instance, you can make grilled meatballs.

Here, I made grilled meatballs with quail eggs inside. When you cut a meatball or bite into it, a tiny quail egg comes out. It’s fun and delicious. Perfect to pack in a bento lunch.

In Japan, I used to buy already combined ground beef and ground pork, called aibiki, for meatballs. But in the United States we have to buy ground pork and beef separately and combine them together.

When ground beef and ground pork are combined, the meat tastes better, softer, juicier, and shrinkage is smaller when it’s cooked. The combination ratio can be 4:6, 5:5, or 6:4, depending on individual preferences. My recipe is 5:5 ratio.


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