Grilled Onigiri

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Uploaded new video is available to show a better way to make grilled rice balls and freeze them for later.


This is a well known method of eating a day old rice in Japan. Basically, just make onigiri using cold rice, brush some soy sauce around, and grill it. (It can be made from hot rice as well.) It’s a simple food, but a little crunchy soy sauce flavored surface with the singed aroma is wonderful.

The key point is to make the onigiri a little firmer than usual, so that it will not crumble while grilling. For the same reason, it’s also better to use plain white rice, as the grains stick together better.

There are three ways to grill onigiri;

  1. Pan fry
  2. Use oven toaster
  3. Torch

I personally like the pan fry method the best, because I can experiment the flavor by changing the vegetable oil to sesame oil, or butter. The torch method works, if you have hot rice, because a torch doesn’t heat inside of onigiri.


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