Grilled Shishito Peppers Recipe

Shishito peppers look exactly like green hot peppers, but they taste mild like bell peppers. When I was a child, one out of 10 shishito peppers were hot, but selective breeding eliminated the problem.

I was surprise to find shishito peppers in CSA distributions, as I didn’t expect to see them in the United States. If you happened to get them, don’t give them away. Grilling is the most simple but great way to enjoy the taste of this Japanese vegetable. Alternatively, you can pan fry them or dip in tempura batter to deep fry.



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Manuel, Submitted on 2014/11/27 at 1:19 am

When I was a child, one out of 10 shishito peppers were hot, but selective breeding seems to eliminate the problem. For me the spicyness is not a problem :) my Mexican family does something similar to our hot green peppers and eat them as an intermittent finger food between bites of tacos. We also roast them with scallions or sliced onions.

Yuki, Submitted on 2014/11/28 at 8:36 am | In reply to Manuel.

Roasted peppers, scallions and sliced onions sound delicious. I would drop a little bit of soy sauce on them!

Chieko, Submitted on 2015/08/22 at 6:50 am

I’ve never had a shishito pepper explode and I’ve been eating them for many years! This last batch I purchased was too mild. I’ve had some that about half of them were as hot as a New Mexico green chile. I like them when they have some heat! If they’re mild, I make a dipping sauce with soy sauce, rice vinegar and some minced hot peppers, usually Thai. I’ve even used them when making fajitas! Thanks!

Chieko, Submitted on 2015/08/22 at 6:50 am | In reply to Yuki.

And a drizzle of sesame oil!

Yuki, Submitted on 2015/08/22 at 12:43 pm | In reply to Chieko.

Sounds delicious!

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