Houtou Recipe

Houtou is Japanese regional noodle soup. It’s miso based udon, but the uniqueness of this food is in the noodles. They are made without of salt. And the dough is not left to sit before being rolled out and cut. They shouldn’t be parboiled either. All that means quick and easy preparation in just one pot.

You can make this in a regular pot, but if you use a donabe clay pot, that would be perfect.

It is unlikely that you can find houtou noodles at Japanese grocery stores in the U.S. They are not common noodles even in Japan. But you can make the noodles on your own with just flour and water in 10 minutes.

The ingredients of the soup usually includes kabocha squash, carrots, daikon, scallions, potatoes, mushrooms, and so on, but considering the availability in the U.S., I used butternut squash, broccoli, carrots, and scallions instead. Be creative and use hearty winter vegetables. The soup can be katsuo-dashi based, but I used chicken broth.

In the process of cooking, the flour from noodles thickens the soup. The cubes of butternut squash also lose the shape a little and thickens the soup further. This noodle soup warm you up in a cold winter day. Don’t worry about leftover, because it’s even better the next day.

You may use frozen butternut squash and broccoli for your convenience.



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