Ishikari Nabe (Salmon Nabe)

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Ishikari nabe is various types of nabemono (food cooked in the Japanese clay pot) made of salmon and vegetables. It can be miso flavor, soy sauce flavor, or some people even add some milk. The bottom line is that fresh salmon has to be included in the hotpot.

In this recipe, I used potatoes, carrots, daikon, cabbage, shimeji mushrooms, but you can also add bean sprouts, tofu, udon noodles, corn kernels, butter, leek, shiitake mushrooms, and enoki mushrooms. Salmon head gives very good dashi, if it’s available to you.

Also I used 3 parts miso, 1 part sake, and 1 part mirin mixture. But you can add some soy sauce to enhance the flavor. Please note that some miso contains more salt than the others. Adjust the flavor by adding it little by little.

Hotpot (nabemono) dishes are very flexible and forgiving. Use the ingredients, which are available to you, and experiment. There is no wrong way to make nabemono.

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