Japanese Shaved Ice — Rennyu Uji Kintoki

This is one of the traditional Japanese shaved ice recipe. It has a little long name. Rennyu is sweetened condensed milk, uji is green tea, and kintoki is stewed sweet adzuki beans. They are all on top of the Japanese shaved ice.

You can get condensed milk at any grocery stores in the United States. Just pour it over desired amount on the ice. Condensed milk by itself tastes great over shaved ice, but if you add green tea and/or stewed sweet adzuki beans, you feel like you were in Japan.

At traditional Japanese sweet shops, sweetened green tea is in the form of syrup. I could make syrup if I dissolve this sweetened green tea powder mix into small amount of water. But syrup melts ice much quicker than powder.

Stewed sweet adzuki beans can be bought in a can or in a vacuum pack, but homemade taste much better. Follow the instruction of how to cook sweet adzuki beans. If you stew adzuki beans on your own, you can make a big potful of sweet adzuki beans in less than $5.00.

I bought my hand cranking ice shaver from Japan, as it was on sale. But I found a similar item on Amazon. I think there’s no need to buy more expensive electric ones, because hand cranking is a part of fun.


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