Kakiage Don Recipe

Kakiage don is a donburi meal, which means something on top of rice in a bowl. A donburi meal is casual, and often preferred by hungry teenagers and physical workers, who wants to fill up their stomach effectively. But office workers also eat don meals often for lunch, as they are affordable. I like them, because they are delicious.

This donburi meal has kakiage on top. Kakiage is a type of tempura. Thinly sliced vegetables are deep fried with batter. Onions and carrots are often used, but other vegetables, such as corn kernels, chopped scallions, and burdock can be used. This time I added canned clams, which can be found easily at regular American grocery stores. But you can also add dried (or canned or fresh) tiny shrimps.

It is also delicious to top soba or udon noodles with kakiage.



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