Kushikatsu Recipe

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Kushikatsu is a bite size skewed katsu. Just like tonkatsu or chicken katsu, it’s breaded and deep fried. This finger food is great for party.

Unlike regular katsu, kushikatsu has the wide variety of ingredients. In addition to pork, chicken and prawns, you can use okras, asparagus, potatoes, sausages, shishito peppers, shiitake mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms, scallops, octopus legs, carrots, kabocha squash, lotus roots, to name a few.

They all have to be cut into finger food size, and skewed on a bamboo stick to be called kushi-katsu (skewed katsu). But if you skew the food, dip the ingredients in batter and breaded beforehand, they can be kept in a refrigerator for hours until being fried.

A deep fryer is convenient, but a regular pan would work.

Dip in the sauce just before eating.

Dip in the sauce just before eating.

The sauce is little different from regular katsu as well. Kushikatsu is dipped in thin sauce completely just before eaten, rather than drizzling thick tonkatsu sosu over it. Basically, the dipping sauce is diluted tonkatsu sosu. In order to enhance the flavor, I added wine to the mixture of tonkatsu sosu and Worcestershire sauce. If you rather like little sweeter flavor, you can add ketchup.


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