Menchi Katsu Recipe

Menchi katsu is a breaded and deep-fried Salisbury steak, in short. It’s a Western style Japanese food, which was invented in Japan over 100 years ago. It must have been an extravagant food, when people rarely ate animal protein.

Now, menchi katsu is considered to be a snack or casual food. I am almost certain that none of Japanese restaurants in the U.S. serves this, as it can’t command high price and lacks the aura of authentic Japanese food. But you might find it in a Japanese bento lunch box.

When I was a child, my parents were often busy working for their own business. When they don’t have time to fix lunch or dinner, I cooked for them. But when even I don’t have time to cook, I ran to a butcher shop right across the street and bought several of just fried menchi katsu. With thin slices of cabbage and wedges of tomatoes or potato salad, meal was ready in 10 minutes.

I still remember the flavor of crunchy outside and juicy meat inside. Mixed with the sweet and tangy flavor of tonktsu sosu and cool crisp sliced raw cabbage, it was so delicious.

In the United States where I can’t buy Japanese food easily, I have to cook on my own, if I want to eat. It’s not going to be ready in 10 minutes, but it is not difficult to make either.

It is often served with sliced raw cabbage on the side, but you can serve with other salad. Offer tonkatsu sosu as condiment to pour over individually just before eating.


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