Miso Dressing Recipe

I don’t buy dressing at all, because dressing I make each time just before eating tastes much better than any kind of expensive store bought organic dressing. Just mix good oil, vinegar and salt. Japanese style dressing is no more difficult than regular salad dressing.

I share this miso dressing recipe, which I make a few times a week, with you. It’s super quick, easy and delicious.

In this recipe you can use any kind of miso, any kind of vinegar, and almost any kind of oil combination. I usually use rice vinegar or apple cider vinegar, but balsamic vinegar is also good. For oil, my preference is olive oil, but you can also use sesame oil, canola oil, or other kind of vegetable oil. I added some sugar here, but depending on the amount of salt in your miso paste, you may want to adjust the amount of sugar.

This dressing goes well with almost any kind of salad; iceberg lettuce, julienned daikon, carrots, romaine lettuce, mesclun, spinach, mizuna, and mix of all those things.



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