Miso Oden Recipe

Miso oden is unique oden mainly eaten around Nagoya region, where hatcho-miso is produced. Flavored with hatcho-miso, miso oden is hearty and full-bodied.

Hatcho-miso is made only from soy beans and salt, without aide of rice or barley. The color of miso is much darker than other miso pastes, and it doesn’t lose aroma and flavor even if it’s heated. Therefore, it’s ideal for stewing.

The preparation method of miso oden is basically the same as the regular oden, but some ingredients are different. Thick full bodied soup particularly goes well with potatoes, pork belly, daikon, boiled eggs and udon noodles.

Miso oden is delicious on the first day, but absolutely glorious on the second day. If you still have leftover, add some more noodles with extra water to enjoy noodle soup or pour the thickened sauce over chicken or pork as you would use mole sauce.


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