Mizutaki — Simple Nabemono Recipe

My father loved mizutaki so much, that he ate it 3~4 times a week during winter. Nabemono recipes are generally easy, but mizutaki is super easy both to prepare and clean. Kombu, chicken, and vegetables are cooked in a donabe clay pot without any flavoring or seasoning. The chicken and vegetables are dipped in ponzu sauce individually just before eating.

Typical ingredients for mizutaki are kombu, chicken thigh, tofu, shirataki, shiitake mushrooms, Japanese green onions, shungiku, napa cabbage, carrots, and so on. Unfortunately, some of the ingredients are difficult to get in the United States. So this time, I used kale and leeks instead of traditional Japanese vegetables.

You don’t see kale and leeks in Japan, but they worked great in mizutaki. Many other readily available U.S. vegetables can be used for this, but just avoid starchy ones and color bleeding ones such as beets.

After finish eating, leftover broth is really good to discard. Add cooked rice or noodles to enjoy the flavor of chicken and vegetables. Simply add salt to taste.



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