Mochi Ice Cream Recipe

Have you eaten mochi ice cream? Ice cream wrapped with soft and slightly elastic semi-translucent outer skin is out of world deliciousness when it’s served after dinner. You might have tried at a sushi restaurant as a dessert, or you might be buying it regularly at a Japanese grocery store.

My son and husband love it. I sometimes buy a box of mochi ice cream at a neighborhood Japanese grocery store, but it’s little expensive to eat often. Fortunately, you can make it pretty easily.

In the ingredients list, you will see “sweet rice flour” or “mochiko”. They are basically the same thing. Both of them are glutenous rice flour. You may also find “rice flour” on the market, but it is a different product. In order to have the elastic nature of the outer skin, you must use either “sweet rice flour” or “mochiko”.

This sweet and slightly elastic wrapping can also be used to wrap sweet beans.


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