Nanakusa Gayu

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For over one thousand years, the Japanese have been eating nanakusa gayu on the morning of January 7th. It is simple soft cooked rice with seven different Japanese indigenous greens which comes out in early spring. Nanakusa gayu soothed abused stomach after the holiday season.

The seven greens include daikon, turnip, water dropwort, but others are actually weeds, which grow roadside. However available greens are different depending on the regions. So that people use different sets of greens or sometimes other vegetables to accommodate.

In the United States, we can use whatever you can find at produce stores. You don’t even have to get seven different vegetables, as you only need just a small amount of each.

I used radish greens, but you can use watercress, dandelions, turnip greens and so on. Just avoid greens that will bleed color, such as beets greens.

For the best result, use donabe. If you have a rice cooker, you can cook rice very softly following the direction from the manufacturer.


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