Okayu Recipe

Okayu is congee in Japanese. Usually Japanese okayu is unflavored soft cooked rice with water, but sometimes includes beans or greens. It is often made for sick as it is easy to digest. But I love to eat okayu time to time even when I am not sick. I just enjoy eating soft rice with many different side dishes, such as umeboshi, stewed kombu, pickles, etc.

Okayu can be made using a rice cooker. If you have one of those high-functioning rice cooker, you can find a congee/porridge setting and follow the instruction. It’s as easy as you cook regular rice.

For those people who don’t have a rice cooker, or who want to cook okayu in a traditional way, here is a recipe. You need a donabe, clay pot, for this. Some people swear that rice made in donabe tastes better than that of made in a rice cooker.

Just remember that rice and water ratio for okayu is 1:6.


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