Introducing onigirazu. The hottest home made Japanese food right now.

Many Japanese have some problems with making a onigiri, as it requires some practices to make a perfectly shaped triangular onigiri. You could use onigiri molds, but you can make an onigirazu instead.

The word onigiri derives from the word to grab, hold, or grasp. On the other hand, onigirazu is something not to grab. When you see the instruction below, you will understand why it is named in that way.

There are many great things about onigirazu.

  1. You can eat ingredients in every single bite.
  2. Practices or special techniques aren’t necessary (It’s rally easy!).
  3. You can stuff more ingredients in an onigirazu than you do in a regular onigiri.
  4. Possibilities of choosing creative ingredients.
  5. Easy to eat.



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